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Remodel of 310 Old Fitzhugh Road continues

August, 2021

A lot of work has been done in the past 18 months! The interior is almost complete with just the bar equipment and coolers to be installed. We even have tables, chairs and restrooms now! The outdoor stage is complete, we have outside lighting and the exterior building is looking great. No definitive opening date yet but we will keep you posted.  

Remodel of 310 Old Fitzhugh Road continues

January, 2020

The work continues! The stone on the outside of the building has been replaced and the new windows have been fitted. An outdoor stage has been constructed.  Inside we've been working on the a/c installation, bathroom construction, roof insulation and shiplap installation on the walls. There's still plenty to do but we will keep you updated as things progress. 

Remodel of 310 Old Fitzhugh Road continues

June, 2019

In June the food trailer officially moved onto the land at the property. The remodel and renovation of the building continues. A red British telephone box style front door has been added, the windows are in the process of being removed and replaced and the remodel of the interior, including bathrooms continues. Plumbing and electrical work are under way. 

Remodel of 310 Old Fitzhugh Road is underway

March, 2019

The remodel and renovation of the building has begun. To date, we have started the process of remodeling the bathrooms including ADA compliance, the roof has been fixed and the overall structure secured. There is still plenty of work to be done. You will see great progress over the coming months!

Concept is approved

October, 2018

The concept of Dog ' n' Bone is approved and work begins with engineering site plan and full architectural plans with a view to obtaining all the necessary permits. Building permits were secured in March 2019. 

Concept approval begins

August - October, 2018

Work begins with a local architect to generate concept plans to take to the City of Dripping Springs, the Historic Preservation Committee and the Planning and Zoning Committee.  The concept begins to move forward to turn Dog 'n ' Bone into a reality.

Purchase of 310 Old Fitzhugh Road

June, 2018

We purchased the property at 310 Old Fitzhugh Road, Dripping Springs, TX in the summer of 2018. 

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