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The Dog ‘n’ Bone pub and restaurant is coming to the historic district of Dripping Springs. 
The owners are two local families – Mike and Cindy Pelland and Rob and Christine Christy. The Pellands originally hail from New England and have been Texas residents for 25 years. The Christys are originally from the UK and have lived in Texas for 17 years. Firm friends for over a decade, the two families have set about realizing their dream of bringing a culinary taste of their roots to the heart of Dripping Springs.
Offering real fish and chips as their signature dish, a brand new, 20 foot food truck will serve as the kitchen while the building at 310 Old Fitzhugh Road enjoys a full make-over into a restaurant and bar, in-keeping with the Dripping Springs historic district and retaining references to the building’s original purpose as the local telephone exchange.
The pub’s name, Dog ‘n’ Bone, is a reflection of the building’s origin as a telephone exchange. “Dog and bone” is British rhyming slang for “phone”.
The owners’ professional backgrounds in construction, technology, healthcare and education mean they are instrumental in all aspects of Dog ‘n’ Bone, literally from the ground up, from the current restoration work on the building, to preparing and serving fresh, locally sourced food with care and compassion, using family recipes from their respective home towns, handed down through generations.
Dog ‘n’ Bone looks forward to welcoming you to a family-friendly environment, serving delicious home-cooked food with an identity and a history. 
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